The Perfect, Perfect Prince

Take a look at one lucky little dog.

Yes, Cody found a new home today. We met his new parents at the shelter yesterday, who initially said they were "just looking". However, much conversation and puppy-holdings later led to the delightful Mrs. J asking if she could bring their dog, M to meet Cody last night. So this lovely couple brought their lovely border collie mix to our home where the couple fell in love with Cody, Cody fell in love with M and her fluffy tail, and M ran around our house looking for the cats. They called us this morning to say they had decided to adopt him and are renaming Humphrey (as in Bogart). At first, I was like, WTF? but the more I thought about it, kind of liked it. It's the kind of name he will grow into and will seem just right when he is a big, beautiful hound dog.

So, as with the other pups, Cody has found the perfect family! They are a very nice professional couple in their 30's, whose dogs are their children, so of course are spoiled with lots of love and toys. And lots of walks on the walking trails by their house. And big, soft cushy beds. And Mr. G works at home, so is around for cuddles and play time. But here's the best part. Mr. G recently had to put down his wonderful dog of many years. He had this dog before he and Mrs. J married (M was her dog before they married) and has really felt her loss.

They were really attracted by Cody/Humphrey's personality, which is a little more introverted than the other pups. He needs lots of attention and reassurance, probably because he was the runt. And his favorite thing to do is still getting a toy and scrambling into our laps for a good long chew, followed by a long snuggle. Mr. G's previous dog used to do this too. And Cody, being a bit OCD, has a thing for gathering up all of the toys and putting them away in the crate. He "cleans up" every day. Get this - so did Mr. G's previous dog. In fact, Cody/Humphrey will be getting his own toy box to put his toys in! I really think that Cody is going to help Mr. G heal from his loss and will be a joy for them.

Mrs. J referred to M several times as their "pretty, pretty princess". My guess is that if Mr. Cody/Humphrey plays his cards right, he will become their "perfect, perfect prince". We should all have it so good.

I actually got a little more knitting done today. I have finished the aqua alpaca scarf and just need to weave in the ends and block it. This new scarf I am working on has been frogged several times because the yarn was not happy with what I was trying to force it to do and I think I have found the right pattern, finally. It wanted to be knit on sz 15's, instead of the 17's and 19's I had tried, and it also decided it wanted to be knit lengthwise. I hope to have pictures with actual knitting content in them by next weekend.

I am also hoping to have a story to tell you about this little guy's new family.


I am really puzzled as to why no one has shown an interest in him yet, except a nutty/scary woman looking for a brother for her enormously obese and snappy sheltie, a mom with 4 young, out of control and very badly behaved boys, and a preteen who, without even asking to pick him up while he was sleeping, grabbed him by the leg to drag him over and caused him to yelp- I don't often get mad but I was in her face, yelling "You don't pick up puppies that way! Do you want me to yank you by your arm?" I felt kind of bad for being harsh and apologized but I don't think it will change her behavior. The worst part is, her parents never tried to stop her or reprimand her, and had the nerve to ask about adopting one of the puppies!! I'm afraid I was rather abrupt and rude with them too. They're lucky I didn't jab them with my knitting needles!

Griff is the most outgoing and most fun little guy in the bunch. But I have faith that the right family and situation are just waiting to happen. Please send good thoughts Griff's way this week.

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