Spring Is Sprung

It's officially spring here on the prairie. Everything seems to have popped into bloom over the past three days:

The weeping cherry is in bud

The early daffodils

The violas, lysymachia and Labrador violets

Any guesses?

This last picture is a greatly anticipated event - it's first year in my garden AND the first time I will ever see one in bloom in real life. I can't wait!!! I am having a contest for the person who guesses the right answer ( if more than one person guesses, there will be a drawing to determine the winner). And if no one guesses the correct answer, I will have a drawing anyway. The prize? Does "Scout's Swag" tempt you at all? And maybe a little surprise thrown in. I am hoping to lure some of the lurkers out into the open. You have until Friday - the answer will be revealed on Saturday. Good guessing!


Dianne said...

I'm not sure, but maybe a magnolia? The bud is pretty big.

Sonya said...

Dianne, I was thinking magnolia too.
But I have only seen them after they have bloomed

Life's a Stitch said...

Sign me up, I'm with the magnolia, what variety is hard to tell,

julie said...

Maybe a lilac.

Nichole said...

OMG, I think I have found my twin... or shall I say you found me (thanks Sonya!)! Amazing... I can already tell we're going to be great blog friends and I'm adding your blog to my favorites. Are you one of Lora's KY buds too??