The Teeny Bunnies Made Me Do It

So of course I had to run over to my favorite lys to get some yarn so I could knit something using my new bunny stitch markers. You'd do the same thing, right? So many beautiful new yarns! So many gorgeous springtime colors! I didn't even try to resist. Do you blame me?

The springtime stash

Criquette wasn't in the mood to pose tonight, so I had to use her stand in. The pansy-colored yarn is a squishy-soft baby alpaca that I can't stop petting (which put Miss Criquette's whiskers in a snit). It is called Big Baby from Alpaca With a Twist. If I can get the gauge close enough to fit the pattern, it will be knit into Li's Herringbone Scarf, a pattern I have been dying to make. The coral colored yarn is a wool/mohair worsted by J Knits called Felter's Dream. I want to use the One Row scarf pattern again and hope it looks good with this yarn. These scarves will be for the 2 wonderful ladies who run our office and put up with all kinds of craziness, even sometimes from the patients! They are very interested in my current knitting projects and act like I am a good knitter (they don't knit, obviously) so I am going to have great fun showing them the progress on these scarves without saying who they are for and then surprising them. Does anyone know when Administrative Assistants' Day is?

Next in the lineup is some Nashua Cilantro in Soft Green and Ivory for a baby hat for a friend who is finally having her prayers answered for a grandchild. I know she'd really love one in pink, but since the sex of the baby isn't known yet, I'm playing it safe and neutral. And finally, the fresh and pretty apple green yarn is a Rio de la Plata merino hand-dyed sock yarn. It's so soft and bouncy and pretty, it almost makes me want to learn sock-knitting, but it is actually not going to be part of my stash - I am just fostering it for someone else.

And speaking of fostering, don't be feeling sorry for Griff, who is not Los Lonely at all. He is a big dog now! It's official - he goes on walks with Chloe and Abbie every day. And when he potties outside, he can come in and have playtime with the big dogs. And Chloe and Abbie have been surprisingly good with him. Abbie even lets him share her squeaky toys and Chloe herds him around.

Killing the squirrel toy with the big dogs

In other good news, Griff is now being shown on the border collie rescue page, starting today. He is one of the only puppies available, and the cutest in my opinion. And the smartest, I am sure. And the best news is that he doesn't have to go back to the shelter this weekend. The shelter director understands why it's important to us to help him find the right family and is letting us do it this way. So if the rain stops and it stays warm, I'll spend Sunday in the garden, surrounded by canines. And if the rain doesn't stop, I'll spend Sunday knitting, surrounded by canines. Either way, it's good. Hope you have a good one too.

"Just save some for me, okay?"

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I wouldn't worry about the gauge. Just do it! Can't wait to see it,