SP Stands For SPecial

I received my first SP10 package this week and can't wait to flash the goodies!

That wonderful secret pal of mine must be lurking around my blog because s/he chose a perfect array of fabulous treats for my first SP exchange...a scarf pattern that will make me learn to read a chart (and you all can probably guess how much I love making scarves!), a set of his/her bamboo needles of choice (Crystal Palace) in a size 7, which I didn't have, some beautiful handmade stitch markers, a solid chocolate bunny (who lost his little head immediately after posing for the picture), and the softest, squooshiest Colinette merino yarn!

HANDMADE(!) stitch markers, so pretty I may try and convert 2 of them to earrings

The picture does not come close to describing just how soft and yummiful this yarn truly is (Colinette Cadenza 'Moss')

So I hope my SP is reading this so I can say a heartfelt "thank you" for your thoughtfulness. The greyish-green with russet patches reminds me of cypress trees draped in Spanish moss and fills me with a sense of home. It will be such a pleasure to knit with. I've already tried out the needles and am now converted to CP - they have a smoother finish and somewhat narrower tips. Hope I can get gauge with these and the yarn. I love the pattern and will make a lovely scarf at some point, but the Cadenza has already told me what she wants to be, and -surprise!- she doesn't want to become a scarf. I think I have the perfect pattern for this project and hope to cast on this weekend. Stay tuned. Finally, I have such an appreciation for anything that is handmade, especially when the gifter says it was made especially for me! I appreciate the time and talent that SP put into these markers and also like the way the colors compliment the yarn!

This was a lonnnnnng week at work - last quarter of school usually means there are more kids with meltdowns, anxiety, acting-out behaviors - I feel like joining them sometimes. The weather really has everyone out of sorts - it's been dreary and cold now for over a week with more cold and a rain/snow mix predicted for the weekend. The luscious alpaca scarves are being worn daily. So nice to have a quiet weekend + new knitting projects + adult beverages to look forward to. (Must.hold.on.until.tomorrow.)


Nichole said...

I hope you've stopped laughing at my emails from this morning - duh, I told you the other day in comment about Dustee's new home... short term memory is the first to go, right? :)

You got a WONDERFUL SP package there... can't wait to see what you do with that yummy yarn!

Sonya said...

You did get some great goodies! Love the yarn. Yes, I believe it is the weather. Turns normal rational people into raving lunatics. We had marble sized hail and 40 mile an hour gusts of wind a few days ago. Where oh where is Spring??