Funny, I Don't Feel 100

Today is a blogging milestone for me - this is my 100th post! I think I will have to have some chocolate to celebrate. And maybe some wine. And then maybe a little more chocolate. Especially the fantastic chocolate I received last week.

I got so caught up in the busy-ness of the weekend that I neglected something of great importance - my second SP10 package arrived on Thursday evening. What a way to start off a perfect, long weekend!

Everything nicely wrapped

I love opening presents

Oh yeah!

How great is this?

I couldn't believe what a great package this was. First I read a little note saying that last time she shared her favorite bamboo needles and this time was sharing her favorite candy. OMG! This is truly the most decadent, buttery and intense chocolate I think I have ever tasted! It has the creaminess of a dark chocolate fudge, with the slightest hint of peanut butter. I've been popping these one at a time and just letting them melt in my mouth. I hope my pal will send me one of their cards or info with their phone number and website. I will either have to order more of these or make a road trip to buy a lifetime supply! There was a skein of Classic Elite pima cotton yarn - sooooo soft and pretty. I am going to get some more of this because I think it would make a very nice summer wrap - the weight and color are just right. There was a very cute notepad with lapel pin for breast cancer awareness, an excellent cause and since I wear jackets a lot, the pin will get a lot of use. And finally, a book I have been craving since last fall, "Knit Fix". It is so well explained, even I can understand it. And I love that her solutions are practical, not perfectionistic. The thing I have trouble understanding are fixing mistakes with purl stitches. Sometimes I can't even tink them right and somehow I drop a stitch. Well, now I know what to do next time that happens. I've almost finished the book and feel much more confident about any mistakes that I will be making as I branch out to new techniques!

I have such a great SP10! She is so creative and generous that I think I want her to adopt me. Thank you and I hope you are being spoiled as well as you are spoiling me!


We had doggie spa day at our home yesterday. Our 2 were ready to get the springtime grime off, so Mr. C, being the super-Type A guy that he is, convinced me to include the pups as well. Since he does most of the bathing work, of course I agreed. The puppies smelled bad, felt very dirty and their skin and fur is very dry. Annie, the shy one, was a trooper. We used some doggie shampoo with conditioner that has to sit on them for 10 minutes. So we brushed her while she was soaped down and got a bunch of dead ticks off of her. She stood still and just whimpered a bit toward the end. She loved being dried off and brushed out. Afterwards, she was much perkier, just like I feel after a new haircut and massage!

Bonnie, however is clearly the drama queen of the little twosome. She is quite confident and extroverted and we thought she'd handle the bath well. HA! She wiggled and squirmed and howled and cried and carried on worse than Paris Hilton getting ready to go off to jail. The minute the rinsing was through, she was wagging and kissing us, all happy like nothing had happened. We took them for a little walk around the yard, where they pranced and rolled around in the grass. They liked being clean so much, they even posed for these cute photos:



Fortunately, the rescue group is very protective of their adoptees, with comprehensive paperwork, vet references and home visits required. So we won't have to worry about their new homes. As cute and sweet as these girls are, I don't expect we'll have them for long.

I did get about 50 perennials planted over the weekend and have the stiff joints and aching muscles to prove it. Not much knitting that got done, but I made enough progress that I expect to finish at least one of the office staff scarves and the nursing home mitts by the weekend. I need to figure out how to squeeze in more knitting as I feel like a knitting tortoise instead of a knitting hare. I've already given up housecleaning, I knit while watching TV and while talking on the phone, I knit at the red light, I knit while waiting at appointments, restaurants, etc. - but there's just never enough time to play with the sticks and yarn. I guess that's why they invented retirement.