Healing Hearts With Yarn and Sticks

Do yourself a favor and head over to Priscilla's blog and read her post about why she crochets and knits for charity. I love the idea that by knitting for others in need, I am healing hearts in the process. As someone who has struggled for much of my life with feelings of being different and the loneliness that brings, I feel a lot of empathy for people who are living with alienation and sadness without the safety net of a loving family; an intact, comfortable home; enough food to satisfy, and good health. I feel as though I am healing my own heart every time I complete a charity project.

These are my current charity UFO's. 2 pairs of wristwarmers, 1 cowl, 2 kids' hats and 1 chemo cap. Not nearly as much as I would like to turn out, but enough to pass along a little healing love. I have put links for 2 of the projects that Priscilla mentioned in another post in my sidebar, under the title "Knitting To Heal Hearts". I went into the leftover yarn stash and came up with some comforting-soft alpaca to knit some blanket squares for victims of Katrina and Rita, and the Greensburg tornados.

So if you feel the need to spread some love and heal some hearts, please check these out. And do yourself a big favor in the process. And check back with me over the weekend - I feel the need to have a contest coming on!

Peace and love, ya'll!


Priscilla said...

Thank you! I am so glad that you appreciated my post, and that you are spreading the word about the charities. And I love that picture with the needles and the heart!

Sonya said...

That is a wonderful way to think about knitting for those in need. I've done some chemo caps and some pink scarves and Red scarves.

BOSSY said...

Bossy would love to knit for the kneedy but problem: she can't knit.

Kate said...

I think it is wonderful that you knit for worthy causes and spread kindness and love by doing so.

How is the puppy doing?

Nichole said...

Just starting to TRY to catch up - how are the girls doing? Any applications/new families yet?
Charity knitting is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

You're right. Giving back, volunteering, knitting for charities, etc. does heal hearts, theirs and ours. I've knit chemo hats for the local childrens hospital.

Your lurking dishcloth swap pal

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel. I guess that is why I have really never sat down and knit something just for me . I always end up giving everything I make away or donating it to some good cause. If you are looking for another cute pattern I recommend going and seeing Mrs. Poops over at Ask Poops, Please. She has some original hat patterns that are just so cute.