Snips, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tales

Last weekend was insane. You could say we went to the dogs. And we are still recovering.

First off, look who popped in for a sleep-over with Abbie and Chloe:

If you guessed Griff, you would be correct. The family who adopted him brought him back on Saturday. Seems he was herding their little Maltese around and they were worried the Maltese would get hurt. I had warned them about my concerns with this when they adopted him, but they weren't listening. They also hadn't been keeping him as active as he needs to be. This is a good example of what happens to herding dogs when they aren't mentally challenged and kept really active. They start obsessing and will try to herd small animals and children around. But, I am glad they brought him back to us instead of bringing him to the pound. So we had him for a day until his new foster mom could take him. He remembered all of us but was freaked out by the puppies. He and Abbie especially had a wonderful time together. But look how much he has grown in just 1 month -

Griff and Abbie, April 2007

Griff and Abbie, May 2007

Look how big he got in just 1 month! He is still the sweetest, most adorable dog. We have really fallen in love with this guy, but can't keep him. There is already a new family who wants to adopt him. I've grilled them - oops, I mean interviewed - and all I could say was "Adopt me too please!" They were out of town this weekend so he is with his other foster mom until they come back and take him home.

Next is the ongoing craziness with the new babies, Annie and Bonnie. They go out for walks 3 times a day, get lots of attention and are starting to potty train. But if they get bored, they will make their own fun...

Me: "What the #%@#&???"

Puppies: "Not me!"

They are getting huge - we think they might be border collie/husky mix. They are going to be spayed next Friday and go up on the MOKAN adoption website right after that. They are really affectionate and sweet girls, but they have been harder to have around than the 4 little guys were. Of course, it didn't help that we also took in a stray that showed up in our neighbors' yard. He was a wire-haired fox terrier and it was obvious he was someone's pet. So we took him in for a night and fortunately found his owner the next day. Kirby lives about one mile away. he is 15 years old, blind and deaf. And he managed to cross a couple of busy streets before landing here in the Land of Paws.

Meanwhile, Abbie had to grab some attention for herself. She likes to escape and go on little bunny-hunting expeditions whenever the stupid humans leave the door open and she's off before we can say "oh shit!" She doesn't seem to pay a fraction of attention to anything around her, but this is the first time she has run off into the woods. At one point, she had followed the bunny trail into the middle of a very dangerous and busy street. We couldn't get her to come, we couldn't catch her, so we just went home because we couldn't bear to watch her become road kill. Well, she must have been paying attention after all because she showed up right around the time we made it home. All I can figure is that when we turned for home, she figured that the hunt was over.

And just in case you weren't yet convinced how stupid Abbie's parents can be, one of them (which one is still a topic of hot debate) left the exact same door wide open the next morning and the bunny hunt was on! We followed for a bit, then turned for home and *poof* there she was as soon as we got home. So at least I think we have figured her basic mode of action and returning.
Good thing she's so darned cute.

As for Chloe, well, thank dog there's one sane pup in the bunch. She's like the nanny, herding the others around, keeping them minding their manners and always coming to get me and letting me know when trouble is brewing (or when there's a squirrel in the yard!).

This week has ended well for all of the creatures who made the Land of Paws their home this past week, 2-legged ones included. But there is another puppy, in another home who hasn't had a good week at all. Black Dog was found by Sonya, the innocent victim of a hit and run accident. She is trying to save him from being euthanized, but facing possibly huge vet bills in the process. Please visit her blog, and if possible, see if you can help, even in a small way. And thanks, from the Land of Paws.


Nichole said...

OMG - look at Griff! What a big boy he's becoming... and handsome! So glad he has (another) happy ending.
The girls are adorable... we have many of those same "not me" photos in our collection.
Poor Abbie - i always hear you should walk the other way and they will follow, but I'm always the paniced Mom who won't walk "away" ... sounds like
you got it down though!

Nichole said...

I'm jealous you are going to Charlotte (well, Matthews...)! Definitely go check out Charlotte Yarn.
It was Yarn Botique that I found had closed in Matthews after we went to the location and couldn't find it. Looks like there might be others in Matthews though now that I've searched (couldn't remember the name to tell you which one had closed, lol)
Oh I wish I could figure a way for you to express mail me some fried pickles!!! YUM. We are going back in August though - when are you going?

Anonymous said...

Chloe looks like she is just a sweet heart. Maybe getting abby a stuffed bunny to chase might help with her little escapes. Griff is also a sweet looking pup. He has grown quite a bit.