Hate The War? Help Save A Life

There isn't much one little knitter can do on her/his own to make an impact on this abominable war. We have to wait until 2008 to make our voices heard in the polls - and I know we will make sure that we're heard loud and clear. I hate seeing the ever-growing list of casualties - each and every one was a person who was loved and cherished by someone. Senseless, wasteful deaths. So much carnage and destruction.

But sometimes, a spark of hope. A chance to save a life. A way to support and honor one of our heroes comes along. A dog named Charlie is providing support , comfort and an emotional haven for some soldiers in Iraq. Our men and women in combat are experiencing horrors we will hopefully never know. Most of them are being traumatized on a daily basis. They live under constant stress. Most of these people will develop post-traumatic stress disorder. Who knows how many are significantly depressed.

But in this world of war, with the constant threat of death breathing down their necks, there are a few lucky soldiers who are sent an angel in a fur coat. A dog or cat who adopt a group of soldiers and are just there to give them unconditional love. And if this isn't an antidote to the hatred and death and destruction, I don't know what is. To be able to love and be loved in the midst of all this must be such a blessing. These precious animals become their family. And of course, when the time comes for the surviving soldiers to finally go home, they want to take their angels with them. Dogs and cats are not pets in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are not part of a family. They are not treated well and live off the streets, diseased and hungry. Many times they are killed. I can't imagine how these soldiers must feel to have to leave their fur-angels behind.

But some of the soldiers become determined to save their angels and to give them safe and loving homes. As things are now, the armed forces does not have policies to help these soldiers save these wonderful pets. So the soldiers have to get creative, before time runs out. One of these soldiers, Sgt. Watson could use some help right now - positive thoughts, prayers, donations, whatever you can do.

UPDATE: Based on his most recent post, Sgt. Watson may have the support he needs to save Charlie. But he could still use our positive thoughts and prayers so that he also makes it home safe!


Nichole said...

YEAH - glad to see someone else caught on and posted this! Thanks!!

Violiknit said...

Fingers crossed for Charlie!