Dear Mr. Lulu,

When our mom showed us your picture on the 'nets, it was love at first sight! You are soooo hot, we wanted to have your kittens! We worshipped your muscular manhood! But then we read the rest of the post and found out... the truth.

Naturally, at first we were quite despondent. But then we realized, an even more satisfying and fun relationship could be ours! We can swap recipes for dead mousies and share grooming tips! We can snark about our crazy humans and the drooling, smelly canines! We can have a Gay Boyfriend!!!

Please say yes.

Love 4-ever,
Miss Criquette & BitsyBonTon

PS - We're not really girls anymore, if you catch our drift. But at least the vet got our surgeries right the first time.

This video is dedicated to you, Mr. Lulu. (It even has knitting content!)


Sonya said...

You are too funny!

RandomRanter said...

I hope you guys get your wish. I somehow see a talk or reality show in your future.

darlababe said...

Good evening, I hope you had a happy Halloween. Just a note to tell you that your package was shipped yesterday (Oct 30) and I hope you enjoy the goodies. Had fun putting it all together for you. Darla