Christmas Countdown

As I was looking at my calender this morning, I had one of those "Oh Shitzhu!" moments as cold, hard reality set in. I only have 2 weeks to get most of my Christmas shopping finished, knitted gifts finished, gifts wrapped and mailed off, pumpkin breads baked, picking up the decoration debris, planning the menu and shopping for Christmas dinner, scheduling a haircut all while working 50+ hours/week over the next 2 weeks. I am further behind than usual, so this will mean switching to Plan B (I try to always have a Plan B and even sometimes Emergency Plan C).

Plan B involves:

(1) buying gift cards for everyone - the Best Buy size fits all!

(2) continue knitting any chance I get with the attitude that any 2007 UFO's automatically become 2008 gifts - I'd actually go into next year ahead of schedule!

(3) stuffing the cards into gift bags, instead of wrapped & bowed

(4) skipping the baking and buying some kind of holiday food gifts at Wild Oats, rewrapping in green or red Saran wrap, and putting a bow on top

(5) shoving all of the decorating debris into empty boxes and throwing boxes into an empty corner of the basement

(6) calling my SIL and asking her what she thinks should be on the menu (I'll let her natural bossiness work for both of us!)

(7) scheduling hair appointment after the holidays. If I get annoyed with my hair at some point, I'll whack on it myself - I'm actually pretty good at this.

(8) lay in a good supply of *holiday spirits* and imbibe freely, in the interest of "stress management"

Okay, I feel like life is manageable again. Pass the "stress management".

You Are a Snowman

Friendly and fun, you enjoy bringing holiday cheer to everyone you know!


Nichole said...

I like your plan B...

BOSSY said...

Bossy's Christmas Meme would go like this:

Are you busy?