Hot Cocoa Kinda Day

Finally, our first snowfall arrived on Thursday. It was just right - the temps cold but not frigid, roads safe to drive on, enough snow to make the evergreens look like a Christmas card.

But nature couldn't leave a good thing alone. It had to go and send us enough freezing drizzle to put a dangerous glaze on the roadways - the treacherous black ice that you don't see until you're on it and sliding around like a hockey puck. So what do you do when you HAVE to get yourself to the lys to get an emergency supply of yarn to knit up gifts and you're half a mile from the nearest salted street and even though you love to drive in the snow you aren't so fond of the ice being as how you're still a Southern girl at heart (and behind the wheel)?

The answer: marry a wonderful guy who supports your knitting addiction and who offers to drive you to the lys in his 4-wheel drive. I don't feel guilty because one of my purchases included some lovely chunky merino to make a double-thick warm scarf and earwarmers for the boy. Not that he knew that, since it's a surprise. He totally deserves it.

We got back from our little adventure, which involved a couple of incidents of fish-tailing and a bit of skidding but we made it home safe, with these goodies:

Some squishy Mission Falls merino, for the best hubby a knitter could want...

...some baby Alpaca for a very warm and cuddly scarf/headwarmer set for a special person who is definitely going to be needing it...

...and some more of the wondrousness that is Cascade Magnum super bulky alpaca. (This is for me - to make some matching mittens and earwarmers to go with the scarf I made last year from the beautiful yarn that my color swap partner, Sonya sent me. It's like wrapping dark chocolatey goodness around my neck.)

Maybe it was the chocolate yarn, or maybe because I know how much Mr. C loves hot cocoa, but as soon as we got home, I had to make us some. I made sure we had a good supply of cocoa and whipped cream since the freezing rain and sleet are starting up again later this evening and we won't be going anywhere else this weekend (and possibly Monday and Tuesday). So I'll be finishing the Christmas decorating, drinking lots of cocoa-javas and knitting, knitting, knitting. We'll light our first fire of the season, the cats and dogs will be curled up on the couch and we'll be watching 3 weeks of Tivo'd shows. I'd invite you join us, but you'll need a toboggan to get here! But if it's hot cocoa you're in the mood for, head over to the

It sounds like it's going to be lots of fun and is scheduled for the time of year when we all need a little pick-me-up! If you sign up, please mention my name.


Dianne said...

Are you sure Mr. C doesn't have an available brother somewhere? Hopefully on the east coast?

Criquette said...

As far as we know, it's just Mr.C and his 2 sisters. There are days,though, that I would gladly ship him off to the east coast!