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Yes, we have our new group of foster kids and are they cuties!

This is Truman, who looks to be a lab/boxer mix. The poor little guy has a bad upper respiratory infection and is taking icky medicine. He is the sweetest, most cuddly puppy, but he's clearly not feeling well. So I'm spoiling him rotten and he gets to snuggle into my neck for most of every evening so far. Not good for knitting production, but so good for the soul.

This little charmer is Sadie. She might be a yellow lab/Australian Shepherd mix, maybe golden retriever? She has a bunny-butt - just a little nub for a tail. I'll have to take a picture because it's really adorable. Poor little Sadie fell out of her cage at the shelter a few days ago and hurt her left leg. The vet wanted her to stay with us until it mended. Now, I'm no vet, but if that doesn't look like a broken leg, I'll eat a bug. She's not just holding it up in the picture, that's what it looks like all the time. Mr. C and I are really upset that the vet didn't get xrays or try to splint her. Mr. C, who is a shelter board member, is so upset at the vet's neglect that there will be action taken. They've had other issues with this vet, but there is no valid excuse to neglect the health of a creature in her care. It doesn't seem to hurt Sadie, as she is limping around trying to play, but her mobility is definitely limited. So Mr. C is taking her to the specialty vet clinic on Monday for xrays and treatment. Am I wrong to wish that karma will catch up with this vet? Real soon?

Finally, we have the Tiny Terror, aka Phoebe. Do not let the fact that she is just 7" long fool you for 1 second. She runs the show in the puppy yard and would like nothing better than to get out and take on the big dogs. She looks like a little rat with muppet hair to me, but she is 100% terrier in attitude. So who wants to guess what kind of mix she is? Yorkie? Cairn terrier? Brussels Griffon mix? Maybe a Yorkie-Shitzu? Time will tell, I suppose. As much as I hate to admit it, the little brat is totally adorable and I can see why so many people like little canine swiffers. She was brought in as a city stray over the weekend so she's not technically up for adoption yet. I am shocked that no one has tried to find her yet. They only have a couple more days, and then she can be adopted. I don't expect that we will have her for much longer.

While we are on the subject of foster dogs, we recently were invited to visit with Oscar and his (growing) family. When we first met Oscar, he was the runt of a 10-pup litter that included Griff, Buck/Oreo, and Marley. He originally went by the name "Cody".

His first night with us was touch and go, but with the excellent care given by Nurse Mr. C, he pulled through and, although he remained a little smaller than his brothers, he had more attitude than the other 3 put together.

"Who are you calling a runt?"

No one would guess that this handsome, lanky pony-dog was ever a runt. Look at him now! Unfortunately, the battery died in my camera and these were the only 2 pix I could get. He remembered both of us right away. We sat on the floor, whereupon he ran to get a chew-toy and tried to climb in Mr. C's lap, then my lap, just like he did every night when we fostered him. His mom and dad could not love him more - they went on and on for over an hour, singing his praises and telling us funny stories about the big goofball. His older sister - a border collie rescue - tolerates him, but the best news is that Oscar is getting a little 2-legged sibling in June. He loves kids and they are already getting the dogs accustomed to babies, and life looks pretty darned good for the little runt.

Okay, enough for now. Any more cuteness, and we'll all be needing a shot of insulin. I will be back this weekend, with some actual knitting content!

"Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really."
Agnes Sligh Turnbull


Faren said...

so, so, sooo cute!
Sounds like you have a full house!

craftybernie said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! They are so lovely. I wouldn't mind an evening snuggling with a puppy!

How sad that Sadie has hurt her leg. Looks rather uncomfortable - does she have any pain sensation in her toes? I hope she gains normal use of it again soon. Good luck with the new clinic on Monday!

Phoebe is adorable and sounds like 7" of pure fun! If no-ne claims her I bet she'll be adopted in a snap!

Bernie, ISE6

Channon said...

Could they be any cuter?! Thank God for you and the other fosters out there...

Dianne said...

How sweet! Those pups are just adorable. It breaks my heart looking at that picture of Sadie, though. I'm glad Mr. C. is on the shelter's board and will see to it that no creatures are hurt by that vet in the future. I love seeing the grown-up pictures of Oscar/Cody, too.

P.S. I know I've asked before, but are you SURE Mr. C. doesn't have a brother? Single, of course, on the east coast, preferably in southern NJ?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it dreadfully hard to give them up, especially one as cute as Phoebe? I'm glad you're taking the time to get Sadie's leg checked more thoroughly.

Virtuous said...

OMG! I normally just lurk on here, but if no one claims Phoebe then "Pick me!" "Choose Me" for adoption!!! Yes! I will take her in a snap!! ;o)

Nichole said...

Yeah!!! New furbaby fosters!!! And look at that runt now! :)

Soxnitter said...

OMG, good thing I don't live near you, I'd nap that little Phoebe for myself! And I already have two dogs. Too, too cute.

Lynn said...

OMG they are so adorable!!! I give you lots of credit in the foster puppy parenting. I'm not sure I could give them back!

Kathy R said...

How wonderful to be a foster mom to these adorable babies! You've got your hands full! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I loved the shop in New Orleans. I'm not sure what I'll do with my purchases, but I couldn't leave empty-handed.

Paula said...

Oh Lots of Puppy Love!
I am so glad for you fosters out there!!!
and I am all for bad vets getting the karma they deserve, really that does look broken. What a dumb vet! Poor little puppy I am glad they all have you watching over them.

Blogger is not being very cooperative today posting comments so I hope you don't end up with several comments from me. Sorry if you do.

Sonya said...

Boy those are some long legs!

A child would be able to see that something is wrong with her little leg. I am so glad that you two have her, cause now she will get lots of loving care.