Dogs On Thursday, Friday Edition, Pt. 1: Quite Possibly the Best Spoiler Ever

And who would this incredible swap partner be? It would be Rosanne, of FireFlyNights! I got home from work one night this week and discovered that my Spring Surprise Swap box was waiting for me. And what a package! I have been overwhelmed with Rosanne's generosity - look at all the wonderful surprises I found inside:

Chloe and Abbie knew this one had their names on it

Abbie took one sniff and started biting and pawing at the cellophane cover to get inside. I've never seen her act this excited (unless bunnies are involved). I even had to lock her up momentarily so I could get a decent picture of the basket because she kept lunging to get at whatever it was that had caught her fancy.

Chloe shows her excellent manners and restraint while Abbie stands guard.
What you don't know from this picture is that she was whining, moaning and shivering the whole time. I figured there must be some amazingly good treats in there.

And there were. There was a giant bag of little puppy bones, a box of beautiful gourmet canine cookies, and 2 bags of little gourmet crunchy treats. And one of my favorite treats - Skittles.

And there was an adorable doggie towel and 2 mitts shaped like paws to wipe their muddly feet, some doggie wipes for the really muddy days, and a Zoom Groom rubber brush. Everyone loves the Zoom Groom, even the cats. Notice how Abbie is still guarding the basket very carefully. (But it's not the treats she's after.)

Rosanne also included this absolutely luscious fat-free, calorie-free treat for me - some fabulous DiVe Butterfly yarn in very beautiful spring-like colors.

And finally, the part Abbie has been soooo patiently waiting for me to unpack and photograph - 3 toys that make the most unbearably tempting squeeky sounds imaginable. Abbie couldn't bear it a second longer - she HAD to start grooming her new BFF - Lamby the sheep, even while I'm trying to arrange and photograph.

This is what Abbie was ripping the paper to get to, the thing she was guarding so carefully. A fleecy soft sheep toy that moos and squeals. When I picked it up to cut the tag off, she went nuts, jumping and trying to get Lambie away from me. She ignored the treats I was giving Chloe and didn't take her eyes off the lamb on the counter. Of course I had to give it to her - I know love when I see it.

She immediately took it off to her downstairs nest, where she spent the rest of the evening carefully grooming every square inch of the lamb. Who needs rabbits when you can have your very own sheep?

I was truly blessed to have such a fantastic spoiler as Rosanne. Abbie eventually stopped grooming the lamb long enough to try some of the cookies, which are also a HUGE hit with Chloe and the puppies. Look how pretty they can all sit and beg for treats!

Rosanne, thank you for everything - we have all had so much enjoyment from everything you sent. It was all perfect and you are the best swap partner ever!!


Dianne said...

What a fabulous package! A great variety of treat and toys for some very lucky pups!

Anonymous said...

What a great package, and how cute your kids look trying to get to their treats! :D

Cha Cha said...

There's nothing better than that "OMG! BFF!" reaction that dogs have to very special new toys. I hope Abbie and Lambie have a long, happy relationship!

Sonya said...

Wow, that is some awesome stuff!
You lucky dog you.

Nichole said...

What a GREAT package!!! Very well thought out!
I love the group shot!

Firefly Nights said...

I'm glad your gang enjoyed everything. I especially liked the story about Abbie and Lambie. Roscoe and Mosby would have ripped him up within a couple of minutes, but I see he's still in use this week. I like dogs that treasure their toys, unlike our two little monsters.