DOT: If It's Puppies You're Looking For, You're in the Wrong Place

That's right, no more puppies. After making their debuts at the shelter this past weekend, Phoebe, Sadie and Coop all have homes!

Phoebe has been adopted by a young couple whose landlord sent them to Animal Haven because they were the only residents in their small apartment complex who didn't have a dog. Phoebe will be spoiled rotten with romps in a neighborhood park and 2 adoring, energetic parents. She has a built-in posse of 4 pug-cousins, 2 Brussels Griffons belonging to new dad's BFF and the half dozen dogs who live in her apartment complex. Phoebe will do well in life, but with a face and personality like hers, would you expect anything different? We have exchanged phone numbers and emails so we can stay in touch, which is what makes it easier to let them go. (Update: we just heard from Phoebe's mom and they have re-named her Tuesday (???) for reasons unknown. She's still adorable, no matter what she's called).

Sadie was scooped up by the sweetest! family! ever! This wonderful family had adopted an 11-year old dachshund from the shelter last summer, knowing they would have him for only a short time. They took care of some medical problems and showered him with love daily. Last month they decided to adopt a another dog, as company for the old-timer, and so that when he passed on, their new dog would help to comfort them. They brought the old guy to the shelter to help them choose a dog, but he was having none of it. And this wonderful family, including their 2 boys, respected the old dog's wishes.

Sadly, he passed away unexpectedly last week and they were devastated. So they came back to the shelter but found that the original dog was gone....but they found Sadie and fell in love with her sweet face and cute little bunny-butt. The dad told me that he just knew that she was going to help their family heal their broken hearts. We were all hugging and crying and there was one big old love fest going on, let me tell you. They called us that night to tell us she was
totally zonked out after playing ball and running around with the boys (the boys were zonked out, too) and to tell us how much she was loved already. They decided to keep her name, so she'll still be Silly Sadie Sue (at least to me).

That left Cooper, who is just a big, sweet baby of a dog. We were ready to keep him as long as it took to find him the right home, but he found his new family too. Like Sadie's family, they had recently experienced the unexpected death of their old dog. The family had come in to see Callie, another young dog, but stopped by because the boys wanted to pet Cooper. We chatted while they waited for Callie. The boys were so gentle and sweet with Cooper, who gets easily overwhelmed. The youngest one especially kept saying how much he loved Cooper. What I didn't know was that this family had come to the shelter intending to adopt 2 dogs, so they could keep each other company while the family was at work and school. And also so that each boy could have a dog sleeping in their bed at night. These boys were so great with Cooper and Callie, who also really took to each other. So Coop not only has a new home with 2 boys to love, but he has a new sister, too!


Coop was the one we worried about the most, and we could not have asked for a better situation! They were really happy to give us their contact info, and want us to come visit soon.

So things are quiet here at home. I'll be able to get more knitting done, the cats will be able to enjoy the lower level again, and maybe Abbie won't be so neurotic about not letting Lambie out of her sight.

"Keep away from my Lambie and nobody will get hurt"


Pooch said...

All the cuteness! It would be very difficult to take only one.


Dianne said...

All three in one weekend? That's wonderful. Thanks to the excellent start they had in your home, I'm sure they will have long and happy lives with their forever families. Way to go!

Nichole said...

What AWESOME news for the pups - yeah!!! I'm still giggling about the landlord sending the couple to find a dog b/c they were the only ones without - how cute!!!

dogquilter said...

What a wonderful story!! I know you are sad and pleased at the same time to say goodbye to the puppies. I'm sure Abbie will be happy to have her people all to herself again (and her toys too).

Sonya said...

No puppies??!!
Ok, Tuesday(??), she does not look like the weird little girl from the Addams Family.
I was brought to tears by both stories. You have a knack for finding the right family for each little one that comes to you for love and safety. I wish I was able to do what you do.

Firefly Nights said...

I'm glad they all found good homes. You were kind to take the time to foster them.