Exponential Cuteness

The kittens have gotten bigger and went for their "tutoring" last week, making them eligible for adoption this week. They are hilarious and so rambunctious and so cuddly at the same time. They'll be great companions for the lucky people who adopt them. Here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks:





There's been a name-change - Lola quickly made it known that she needed to be called Dora, because of her penchant for escaping the play yard and running off to explore as much as she could squeeze in before being caught and brought back to the yard.

Curry was adopted into his new family yesterday. He has a new mom and dad, a large, goofy lab mix who loves cats and a 1-year old sister-cat. We had an e-mail from him this morning. He is now known as Tigger and immediately made best friends with the cat and dog and had been spending most of his spare time with them on their screen porch. Another successful match!

And sweet little Lucy may have a new mom. She's a sweet and shy young gal who is getting her first apartment and has always wanted a cat (her family are dog people). Lucy came out of the cage and, unlike Gumbo and Dora, walked straight over to the girl and rubbed against her, as if to say, "You're the one." It's funny, because Curry did the same thing with his new people. Anyway, she has asked us if we can keep Lucy an extra week while she's actually moving, because she doesn't want Lucy to be scared or confused. She's a very sweet girl and this, too is a good match.

So tomorrow, it's down to the shelter I go with the 2 poly-cats, to find them their new homes. Keep your fingers for these adorable babies!

As if we don't have enough cuteness to spare around here, we exponentially increased the cuteness factor last week by giving this little sweetie-pie a place where he can stretch out and learn how to be a puppy instead of being kept a prisoner in a cage way too small to let him grow.

We're calling him Wolfgang. He's a yoodle or a schnoodle or some such nonsense and was rescued from an evil puppy mill. He's settling in very well, but when we took him in, he couldn't really walk because he had been kept in such a short, tiny cage. His paws and ankles were so weak, they looked like flippers when he tried to walk. He's a doll, very eager to please, but he has some sensory issues and gets way overstimulated. He's pretty smart and learned paper-training in just a couple of days.

Not only is he walking now, but he jumps around like a maniac, chasing the kittens. He's living in the kennel right next to them and gets playtime with them a couple of times a day, to help him socialize. Unfortunately, I believe he now thinks he's a cat. as soon as he's over his kennel cough, Abbie and Chloe will get to remind him of how much fun it is to be a dog.

He's going to get to go to the lake with us all of next week, where we plan to do some intensive house-breaking and socialization (and I shall be doing some intensive knitting, reading and napping). Now it looks like Lucy will be with us as well. But don't feel sorry for the ones left behind. Aunt Cindy, who is the bestest pet-sitting aunt in the entire world (according to Chloe and Abbie) will be staying with them and spoiling them something fierce.

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Lynn said...

I'm so glad two of them have been adopted, but it must be so hard to let them go!!

and have a great vacation!