SFCS Goodies (& More)

This week, as I have been playing catch-up from my trip to Charlotte, I received my Spring Fling Coffee Swap package from Alicia (aka PonyKnits). I'm not sure what happened, but Alicia sent me an email a couple of weeks ago to tell me that there had been a change of swappers and that she was going to be my new spoiler. Even on such short notice, she did a fine job. She sent me lots of great springtime goodies and a double dose of caffeine. Check it out:

Look how pretty all the colors look together.
(Double-click to enlarge the picture and check out the pretty stitch markers in
the lower left corner.)

Mmmalabrigo is always appreciated - don't you just love this color? And she also chose one of my favorite cotton yarns in a pretty rosy pink.

Alicia made me a dishcloth in a wonderful yellow ombre color. There's a journal, which I'll use for keeping track of my garden this year, and a notepad with 2 magnets.

Finally, she sent me not 1, but 2 bags of coffee! One is a medium roast, which I'll bring in to work and share with my coffee-addicted colleagues. The other is a dark roast that I've already sampled and it's really good.

I'm sorry I couldn't get a good picture of the beautiful glass stitch markers she sent, but I think she made those for me, too. They are in a variety of sizes, which is very clever, and really unique. I love art glass and these are just perfect. Thanks Alicia! This is a great package and much appreciated.

Things have been busy here as I've had to work a little more this week to make up for the 2 1/2 days I took off. While it's great being my own boss, the downside is that I still have expenses to pay, so whenever I take off, I have to work harder when I return. "Pay to play" is how I think of it. Such is life - there's always a balance that needs to be maintained.

One of the things I had to catch up on was the scarf I made for my ISE6 spoilee. I was really happy to get someone who loves blue, since that's one of my favorite colors, too. She wanted something lacy and long. I've been wanting to knit a Montego Bay scarf and have had my eye on this gorgeous Dream in Color Smooshy yarn (in Almost Summer Sky), and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to knit both. I'm happy with the way it turned out, and I hope she enjoys it, too. And speaking of balance, I let the Bird Girl help with the modeling:

Blogwise, I have lots to catch up on. The kittens are still here and growing. And I have some pictures from my trip. Enjoy your Sunday and check back soon!


Anne said...

Ooh the scarf is very pretty! You did a great job with it :D And I'm with you - GOT to love the malabrigo!

Dianne said...

Great package! Love the scarf, too.

ponyknit said...

Beautiful scarf!
I'm glad that you enjoyed your package! I had fun putting it together! I did make you the stitch markers also. I figured it helps to have different sizes for various projects and to help with distinguishing one from another in one project.

Nichole said...

Pretty scarf. Can't wait to hear about your trip... I'll get to posting about mine and my $150 yarn stop soon! :)

Great package - New England Coffee is delicious! We esp love the breakfast blend.

Mrs. Brooke said...

Thank you for the scarf, I absolutely love it...it's the exact shade of blues that I like! It's beautiful!

My oldest daughter has been trying to convince me that it's hers, but...no, this one is definitely mine. :)

Thank you so very much, your package just made my day! I felt very special in your efforts to help me take on entrelac too...I'm feeling a little braver about it now...