Kitty Kaboodle

At last, my camera software is working again, I just had a 4-day weekend and I can catch up with my life. And give you an update on the kittens. They've all pulled through and are happy and healthy little fluffballs. The 3 girls (Chicory, Mocha and Frappachino) are bigger than the 2 boys (Kona and Java). So last week they met the weight limit and were spayed. (The boys were too little so will have to wait until they weigh more.)

So the girls are officially up for adoption this week. To get them ready for the real world, I've taken them on "field trips" every day since last week. Sometimes they get to hang out with me in my office, or Mr. C in his office. They got to spend 2 mornings on the porch getting used to outdoor noises and things like birds swooping by. They were initially nervous, but soon got used to it all and ended up having a great time. Here are a few of the pictures that got taken:






They played so hard, they all wore themselves out,

with the exception of the Energizer Kitty!

But I didn't just lounge around with kittens during my 2 days off. I made some snuggles for the shelter:

learned the Turkish cast-on and started my first pair of socks:

and frogged my first pair of socks (numerous times, actually):

The socks will remain in the frogged position until I either take a class or make something else with the yarn. I was knitting and making gauge, but the toes were so big that had I kept knitting, the socks would have fit a professional NBA player.

I'm disappointed that I didn't get to knit socks while I had some time off, but I am not afraid to know when to throw in the towel.
So for now, I will content myself with the little projects I have been dabbling with these past several weeks and lounging around with the kittens. Life could be worse.

Speaking of life being worse, did it ever occur to you that you could be struck by lightning while knitting with Addi's? Me neither. But it has occurred to fellow dog-spoiler Grace (who seems like a sane, level-headed knitter) and to some of her commenters, so maybe we should take heed. And do take heed of her fun and whimsical contest and take a few minutes to answer her question and write about it your blog.

I used to be terrified of lightning. And then our house was struck by lightning during a storm 9 years ago, which set our roof on fire. It felt and sounded like a bomb had gone off. Thank God we were home and that the firefighters responded so quickly and did such an awesome job and kept our house from burning down. There's nothing like surviving something you fear so intensely to help you get over the fear. So I guess I'll keep knitting with the Addi's through storms and sleet and tornadoes and everything else Mother Nature decides to throw at us. But I promise I wan't laugh if you decide to do something safer, like hide in the closet.


Faren said...

Such adorable kittens! They remind me of Zoey when she was little. Don't give up on the socks! Find a class if you need to, but do try them again. They are my favorite projects anymore.

Nichole said...

I guess I had somewhat an opposite lightning effect... I was ok with it up until a few years ago when it hit the house next door (which caused a surge thru the ground that blew apart our well pump)...and am now terrified of it. :/

So glad to hear the furbabies are all doing so well!!! now, who's becoming a perm member of your household??? :-)

Dianne said...

Such adorable little kitties! I can't think of a better way to spend some time off - Knitting and kitties are a perfect combination!

Don't give up on socks. For what it's worth, I've been knitting them for a little over 10 years, and still have trouble with toe-up socks. Have you tried top-down?

Sonya said...

Those kitties are so cute. I bet it is lots of fun just watching them.

Firefly Nights said...

I started to learn how to do socks using the Magic Loop method. Liked Magic Loop, but just didn't take much to sock knitting. I guess someday I'll go back and actually make a pair of socks. Good luck with your learning.

Roscoe is deathly afraid of thunderstorms. I think he'd probably have a heart attack if lightning hit here. So glad you were home and could call the fire department right away. I got really interested in Alaska when I read on one blog that the lady had lived there for 20 years and only remembered having two thunderstorms. THEN I discovered that in place of thunderstorms, they have earthquakes. Decided I'd take my chances with the thunderstorms.

Do you often have tornadoes come your way?