Mix Maker's Swap 2 & 3

Lots of people experience a post-holiday letdown when all of the festivities are over and life settles back into the usual same old/same old. And I am one of them. So it was reallyreallyreally exciting when I got home from work on Friday and found a package from my Mix Makers Swap pal, Sarah.

The first package was so much fun, and this was double the fun because she combined the second and third packages into one big "superpackage"! Look at all of the goodies she sent for me:

Lots of yummy things to eat and drink including some hot chocolate mix, salt water taffy, raspberry tea, some delicious chocolate cookies, a bag of interesting Japanese snack food that I am looking forward to trying and a big box of chocolates that contain pieces of tropical fruits and macadamia nuts ( I looooove mac nuts!) that I can't wait to try. Now that the holiday treat supply has disappeared, it's good to have delicious little nibbles around.

There were lots of fun little surprises tucked in - a stamp with a beautiful design, 2 packs of large sticky notes, a notebook and address book. I can never get enough office supplies and notebooks! She also sent me 2 really cute little toys. One is a grow-my-own polar bear (it's been cold enough here for the polar bear to feel totally at home) and the other is a tiny go-fishing game. I plan on using the game at work - kids usually love playing this game (and I do too).

Sarah sent me a pattern for a beautiful headband that she designed. I definitely plan on making at least one of these but I have a feeling that it will be addictive and I'll have to make more than just one. I'm looking for a new, quick project to cast on and this will probably be it. My bangs are growing out and in that awkward stage so the headband will be very useful.

Last but definitely not least is the scrumptious yarn she sent me. I love both of the color choices she chose. The deep blue teal is Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine and is so incredibly soft I want to marry it. I think it will make an amazing shawl, and I have a few patterns stashed away in my favorites over on Ravelry that would match up well with it. As I was going through my closet this past weekend, I was somewhat amazed to see how many pieces of clothing I have that are in the blue/green/teal color family.

And the luscious buttery yellow yarn is a wool/silk blend called Creme by Crystal Palace Yarn. Sarah must be psychic, because I was thinking I needed some wool/silk for a lightweight warm and soft spring scarf. The color is just right for spring!

And of course, there were 2 cd mixes that I've been listening to all weekend. Both are so addictive. Sarah is a genius at putting together interesting mixes that really flow well. The song choices are so eclectic, yet they sound like they all belong together.

So thank you Sarah, for the great package and cd mixes. Once again, you picked goodies and music that have made me very happy. It's been fun to have a swap pal who gets me. You've been great and I hope you have been spoiled well by your pal, too!

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Channon said...

What a great idea for a swap! I'm glad you were well-spoiled, and look forward to seeing the headband. I keep saying I'm going to knit one for me...