Even Bad Cake is Better than No Cake At All

So my sister's recipe for peach cake didn't turn out so good. Well, ok, so her recipe actually called for pineapple instead of peaches, but they're both fruit, right? And maybe I added vanilla when the recipe didn't call for it. And maybe I did make a couple of other MINOR ADJUSTMENTS to the recipe, but that's no reason for it to turn out not-so-good, right?

Okay, so now you know something else about me...I rarely follow a recipe the way it is written. And you know what? That's the kind of Knitter I'm turning out to be, one who has to tweak the instructions a bit, create and put my own little spin on it. My sig-o has conniption fits about this because he's a person who meticulously follows recipes and instructions. His results are typically just the way you would expect if you followed the directions, but where, I ask you, is the fun in that? I'd much rather take my chances and be surprised. Because, even when the peach angel cake tastes more like diluted lemonade and the frosting is oozing off the sides, it's still sweet and it's still cake and I made it. It's sorta like life, if you decide to do it your way, you'll have some disappointments along the way, but so many more satisfactory successes that you cooked (or Knitted) up yourself.

By the way, here's the way the recipe is supposed to go:
1 box angel food cake mix
10oz crushed pineapple, with juice
Mix the cake batter, substituting the pineapple instead of water. Mix and bake according to the directions on the box. When cool, serve with whipped cream.

I might actually try this one day, exactly the way it is written. Or, better yet, I'll sweet-talk that measuring man of mine into baking it for me!

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Sassy Fou Fou said...

It serves you right for not following the directions. Now, if you followed it the first time you would've had a wonderfully delicious cake that smelled like a waffle cone while it was baking. So, will you try following the directions this one time and discover how great this cake is?