Criquette Cooks!

Criquette wanted me to post her favorite recipe so you can share this with your own kittens. It all started when I noticed she would drop some pieces of her food into the water bowl and then fish them out to eat them. Since she shares the bowl with Bitsy, who started loudly complaining about the mess, we came up with this new "cooking" technique so Criquette can still enjoy her favorite snack. So, without further ado, I present:

Criquette's Marinated Cat "Fish"

First, telecatically communicate your wishes to your assistant.

Next, fill a clean sink with fresh water.

Throw 1 1/2 tsp of Feline TD chunks into the water. Have you assistant swirl them around so it looks like little fish in the water.

Now drain most of the water, being careful to keep the tender chunks from going down the drain. This provides a bit of flavorful broth to sip in between bites.

Fish out one of the marinated morsels and devour immediately.

Let your assistant clean up any soggy crumbs that may be left while you stretch out on the porch for a little snooze.

Bon Appetit!