A Satisfied Customer

The kitty pi is completed and I'd say is a success!

I will most certainly be making more of these pups. Not only does Bitsy BonTon want one of her own, but I think I could crank out a couple of these to donate to one of my favorite charities, Animal Haven. AH is a low-kill shelter, which means that the wonderful cats and dogs that make their way there are not euthanized except in cases of serious health problems and dangerous aggression. Every effort is made to find these precious creatures forever homes. In addition to other fund-raising efforts, there is an auction every February. They are always looking for donations for the silent auction part, so...why not some kitty pi? (Please check out the web site at www.animalhavenkc.com)

For this kitty pi (the pattern is generously shared on the website www. wendyknits.com), I used the following yarns: Nashua Creative Focus Chunky (the aqua and cream colors), Manos del Uraguay, knit with a double strand (apricot and dark grey colors) and Swiss Chalet Froelich Wolle (the variegated grey yarn). They were all a joy to work with and felted very nicely. The Swiss Chalet definitely felted the best. The apricot kept a lot of stitch definition, but I like the texture so it's okay. I did add about 10 extra rows so I could get a little more height.

Criquette spent much of the evening in the pi. At one point, she got rowdy and started wrestling with it. Hilarious! It reminded me of those credit card commercials:
Yarn $50
Rescue Cat $95
Hours to complete (includes frogging) 10
Entertainment value for cats and humans...priceless

Yes, I will definitely be making more. Hope you do too.

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