Knitting And Frogging And Cake, Oh My

Today I joined a real Knitting group. I'm sooo excited!!! I feel like I'm becoming an official Knitter. The group meets 2x/month as part of a program at our church which gives people a chance to show up on Saturday mornings and volunteer for a variety of charitable projects. The knitting group make baby hats and blankets, scarves and hats for the homeless, lap robes for the elderly, and chemo caps. It's a fun mix of women, some of whom are excellent knitters, others (like me) who are newbies. But my favorite member is Remus, a golden retriever puppy who is in training to become a service dog. He is incredibly well-behaved and learning to lay quietly until he is needed. He only slipped up once when he decided he needed to "help" one of the knitters by nibbling on their yarn.

So I decided to try my hand at making a baby hat. The pattern seems easy, but I've already frogged it 4 times. I'm halfway through, so hopefully will post the completed picture tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will also be experimenting with a cake recipe my sister told me about - if it turns out, I will share it. The recipe, that is, NOT THE CAKE! And, the kitty pi will be taken off the form and tried out for the first time tomorrow! Don't miss the excitement!!!

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