Porch Paradise

My back porch is one of my most favoritest places in the world. It is raised and faces the back of our yard which backs up to a wooded stream. We are shielded from our neighbors so it feels like we are secluded. Lots of birds, trees and breezes. The pets spend most of their time out there. Criquette and Abbie especially like to "hunt" the many birds, squirrels, bunnies, deer, and assorted other critters who pass through. I love to sit in one of the rockers, sip on some Pinot Grigio and knit....sigh....how perfect is that for relaxation? Criquette thinks so too (minus the wine and yarn in her case, though).

So I did start the French Market tote, got to the round where you increase to 72, decided that the ladders where the stitches from the 2 needles were joined were too big, so frogged the whole thing. Cast on again, this time I'll be knitting the base using the flat variation and then use this to learn how to pick up stitches:( This technique looks quite intimidating in my knitting bible instructions. I guess I can always frog that too if neccessary.

I've also been working on the basket weave scarf and have added a few more rows. Finally found something appropriate to use for shaping the kitty pi and will felt tomorrow. I don't have patients scheduled after noon, so will have a lovely, long, lazy afternoon in porch paradise - wish you could be here!

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