What Cleaning? I Need To Organize The Yarn

I had some extra time today so decided to do some organizing of my home office. And the first thing I started on was organizing the yarn I have acquired for future projects. And of course, while I was at it, I figured I would take some pictures. Anything to procrastinate doing real cleaning.

First, there is yarn I will use to make Christmas gifts (scarves, but don't tell my family). And here it is:

Then there is the stuff I am planning on making for charity donations, mostly scarves:

And finally, there are 2 balls in reserve for a felted cell phone case pour moi:

I still haven't cast on the French Market bag and I know I am procrastinating because of the increasing (meaning I have to do math and concentrate and pay attention OR ELSE...rrrrrrribbit!) and also because I know I "should" knit a test swatch and, well, I just don't wanna. (whining) So, let me wrap this up and go get in an hour or so of Knitting Therapy, because we all know that "Knitting each day keeps the crazies away!".

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