Funky Scarf Is Off To A New Home

Happy Fall Ya'll

Okay, she's finished and off to her new home, where it's nice and cold and she will (hopefully) be used often. This is the multidimensional scarf pattern, (which I have temporarily misplaced so I will have to post the source on my next posting). It was lots of fun to knit, feels like it goes quickly and makes a person (such as me) seem like a better knitter than she really is. The yarn is Trendsetter Tonalita knit on Clover bamboo straights, #10. I will definitely be knitting with this yarn again - it's yummy! Hope my pal thinks it's funky enough.

And because my pal loves autumn as much as I do, I sent along a few other goodies to help her celebrate fall, including some pumpkin peeps, sour apple candy corn and a Cherry Mash, which is a strange, yet tasty confection made locally - 2 bites are enough to get you all sugared up for the rest of the day! - also some cute party napkins, some Paton's soy/wool yarn with the multidimensional scarf pattern, and some beaded stitch markers (or 3 pairs of earrings if she prefers).

This was the first swap I've been involved in. I had so much fun, I can't wait to sign up for another knitting swap as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, I frogged the basketweave man-scarf because it was too wide, and because there was a weird knot in the yarn that I didn't think I would be able to weave in. So I have restarted it and have about 6 inches so far. That's the only project I am actively working right now, The grey urban camo is waiting for an order of more yarn to come in, since I foolishly didn't buy enough at the start. I am going to start on a scarf for one of my office staff which I will be making with a pretty handpainted lavender merino and I hope to decide on a pattern this weekend.

I will be at an OCD workshop this weekend in St. Louis, which will give me lots of knitting time, at least in the evening, since I am going to be all alone in a lovely hotel with a cushy king-sized bed, and nothing to do at night but watch movies, eat chocolate and knit - poor me LOL! Hopefully, I will find time to sneak off to the lys and buy a little souvenir for the stash while I'm there. After all, why would I travel all that way without having something soft and wooly to show for it?

If it's soft and wooly that you want, why not take me?


Christa said...

I really like the scarf you knit and that kitty is super cute.

Criquette said...

Thanks christa! And don't be deceived - behind that sweet face lies a snarly brat of a cat.